Core Values

EMS Station 2

Core Values


Customer accountable: Our commitment is to honor our pledges and do the very best for patients, customers, and the community.

Attentive to human needs: Our commitment to treating our patients, patients’ family members, customers, and colleagues as valued individuals.

Respectful: Our commitment to behavior toward our patients, colleagues, customers, and the public, demonstrates the respect we want to receive ourselves.

Ethical: Our commitment to perform duties in a just and honest way and encourage an organizational culture that balances accountability with fairness.

Partnership: Our commitment to creating long-term relationships and partnerships is focused on the needs of our patients and the community we serve.

Lead by example: Our commitment to personally model our values and promote an environment that supports our mission and vision.

Understanding: Our commitment to understand and value diversity in our workforce and our community by treating all individuals equally and without judgment.

Safe: Our commitment to create and promote the safety of our workforce, patients, and community.

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McIntosh County EMS

P.O. Box 584

Darien, Georgia 31305



Office of the Chief


1019 Production Row SW

Darien, Georgia 31305

Phone: 912-437-4355

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