Emergency Medical Services

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McIntosh County EMS proudly serves the citizens and visitors of the county with two Advanced Life Support ambulances. EMS Station One is located in Eulonia near the Department of Public Health building on Hwy 57. EMS Station Two is located just north of Darien on U.S Hwy 17. These ambulances are staffed with a minimum of an EMT-Basic and a Paramedic/AEMT.

To treat some of the most challenging illnesses and injuries our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art lifesaving equipment:

  • 12 Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Remote ECG Transmission of 12 Lead ECGs to Hospitals
  • Intraosseous Drill Infusions
  • Current ACLS Medications
  • Lucas Devices
  • End-tidal CO2 Measurement
  • Video Laryngoscopes

In addition to responding to medical calls, McIntosh County EMS provides public education, blood pressure checks, and blood glucose screening.

Given the best equipment and training, McIntosh County EMS delivers unparalleled patient care and a sense of security that is second to none.

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