Filming In McIntosh

McIntosh County is a film-friendly community! Our unique coastal flavor and undiscovered beauty make us the perfect location for filming undisturbed.  Yet, while we are a relatively untouched coastal county, one-third of our pristine lands are owned either by state or federal entities ~ and each have their own permitting requirements.  Unless you are extremely well-versed in boundary lines for these properties, please contact our Film & Media Liaison for more information on required Permits for your chosen area of McIntosh.

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Media Production Permit

This application must be applied for ten business days prior to shoot.

No person shall use any public property, building, structure or facility, for taking or making any motion picture, television production or photographic production without first applying for and receiving a Media Production Permit. This information is necessary to process a request for a film/television permit from McIntosh County, GA. A permit is required for any filming activity taking place within McIntosh County on public property, including any roads, docks, or bridges, and any easements along private property where a hinderance is caused for public access. 

Please fill in all of the blanks, using 'none' or N/A (not applicable) where necessary. Return a completed copy of this application and all other required documentation via email to our Film & Media Liaison.

or US mail to:
PO Box 584
Darien, GA 31305

Alternatively, a completed copy of this application and all other documentation can also be returned in person to:
1200 N Way
Darien, GA 31305 

This application should be returned at least 10 working days in advance before the filming activity takes place. All permits are issued on a first-come first-served basis.

View and download the McIntosh Film Permit (PDF)

Georgia State Parks Film Permit